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AMM Graphics Designs & Photography .....

Over 30 years experience in photography, desktop publishing , photo books,flyers,

business cards layouts, power point designs & graphic designs.

Photographs are special moments frozen in time and each photo tells a story.

A story full of memories, life, feeling and a moment in life that will never come again.
They are quiet but yet the call out “ Look at Me “, they are emotional and they are beautiful".

My greatest inspiration as a photographer and graphic designer is to create

imageries that will stir up something in your soul. It is my desire to induce

a quiescent and dormant memory or impart a lingering message.

 I believe that ART can be therapeutic to the ill, inspire the weary and

save those who may be lost. I believe this because it has done that for me on many accounts.

Let us make your special occasion last a life time.

R. Akil Williams

Chief Designer

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